Muda Ceremony: The word ‘Muda’ is a local language literally translated as giving something as a sort of gift to somebody else. However, it represents several interrelated meanings depends on the contexts of ritual purpose: to make pilgrimage, an ointment and provide a votive offering so as to get peace, healing and prosperity. Abba Muda, an Oromo spiritual leader is believed to have been vested with the power of fulfilling needs, such as healing the sick, offering fertility, achieving calm in the wake of any type of anxiety etc.... There is also traditional dancing during themuda ceremony which is commonly known at Dirree Sh/Hussien and Holqa Sof-Umar in Bale.  These are locally called sarmade, Zeekkara and shuubbisa. Sarmade: during the ceremony of Sarmade dancing, the pilgrims use two kinds of drums one big and the other small. Here, all will play (dance) regardless of sex.







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