Running event: Oromia contributes the largest share of Ethiopia’s international distance runners and Olympic gold medallists. The bare foot running legend, Abebe Bikila and his contemporary athlete Mamo Wolde made Ethiopians proud in early days.  Derartu Tulu, who was born in Arsi Bokoji who pioneered Ethiopian Olympic gold medals in the early nineties, is one of the renowned Ethiopian athletes.  Continually, Oromia had been home to the world’s famous champions like Haile Gebreselassie, Kenenissa Bekele, Turnesh Dibaba, Genzebe Dibaba and many others who won gold medals for Ethiopia with new records in many World Championship and Olympic races. This motivates private patrons to organize public running events around the attraction sites such as Wanchi crater lake and Langano lake. There are also regular events organized by the Ethiopian Athlete federation of which the ‘great run’ is participated by millions.

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