The Gada System is a well developed and complex operation system representing unique civilization of humanity since antiquity. The Gada System is well known by its feature of peaceful and democratic transfer of political power (Balli) in every eight (8) years. Having exercised democratic political power for 8 consecutive  years, the power holder transfers his power officially and publicly. The Public power transfer ceremony takes place at a Gada center where all the voters and concerned sections of the society participate. These centers are at Gumi Gayo for Borana and Gabra, Mi’e Boko & Nura for Guji, Oda Nabe for Tulama, Oda Bisil & Oda Bulluk for Macha, Hora Sama for Karrayu, Oda Roba for Arsi, and Oda Bultum for Itu & Humbana. It is a ritual by which Baalli or the symbol of political power is transferred to newly elected Abba Gada (the presiding leader). Such power transferring ceremonies occur  every eight years at ritual places or elsewhere with unique cultural performances and are exceptional tourist attractions. 

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