Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church:- is located in south east Shawa zone Kersa Malima district on the way of Finfinne to Buta Jira at a distance of 67km, 143km and 17km away from Finfinne, Waliso and the district town Lemman. Adadi Mariam rock hewn church is a type of rock-hewn cave church excavated inwards from a more or less vertical cliff.  It is also partially separated from the main rock with various degrees of attachment to the rock. Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church is not visible from afar even within the compound. The Anfar grass above the church and the cross with its five Ostrich eggs can only be seen if one is within three or four metres of the church. This is because of the subterranean nature of the church.

There are three entrances, from the east for priests, from the north for men and from the south for women. The church has ten doors and twenty four windows. The ten doors signify the Ten Commandments and the twenty four windows represent the twenty four heavenly priests. The church has a size of about 19 ½ x16 metres and has the capacity to hold 200 to 300 faithful. Like other churches of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, Adadi Mariam has three parts known as Qenne mahlet (nave), Qeddest (Middle part), and Maqdes (sanctuary) or holies of holies.

Although the distinctive architectural values cannot be seen from this building, there are many historic full Churches/Monasteries where there are religious worship activities, these include  sites of pilgrims or residence of monks, or where holy relics, manuscripts are kept. These are:









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