Mada Walabu: is one of the important places in the history of the Oromo people. It is located on the northern edge of the Genale River basin, at a distance of 227km from Bale Robe. It can also be reached from Negele town after driving for 72km. Mada Walabu has been the centre of the spiritual, cultural and political system of the Oromo since the middle of the 14th century. It was the place where the prestigious Oromo Gada Governance revived and reformed to full strength, then practiced for years.

It was a place where power transfer ceremonies took place peacefully from one Gada leader to the other from generation to generation. Thus, it is considered as a sacred place endowed with peace where there are no killings, thefts and allegations. Currently, the Oromia Regional National State is undertaking projects of constructing a cultural conference centre, a museum and a monument in memory of the Oromo history.

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