Mountain Chukala Monastery is located at a distance of 27km South West of Bishoftu town. It is the highest peak in the central Rift Valley area reaching as high as 2989m above sea level. The mountain is accessible to the top for mountain climbers on foot or by 4 wheel drive through a 9km long winding road. The mountain provides excellent panoramic view of the surrounding area; the Church of Abbo, a monastery of over 500 years old, which has a repository of old manuscripts of religious significance written on well prepared goat hides (known as ‘birana’).

Mosques, Sanctums /Shrines are historic buildings or sacred places of worship for the Islamic religion, associated with holy persons, tombs of saints and related historical remains. Such places include the famous shrines of Sheik Hussein, Sof Omar shrine, and many other such relics in East and West Hararghe, Arsi, and Bale zones.

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