Oromia not only contains historical features but also the archaic remnants that are heritages of archaeology or paleo-anthropology. Oromia is home of most of the oldest fossils: Homo Sapiens from Arba, Omo, and Bodo; Homo erectus from Malka Kunture; Homo habilis from Awash, and the oldest (austalopithecus afarensis) fossils from middle Awash. It was the host of pioneering human achievements such as the earliest pebble tools (circa 70,000 B.C.) and domestication of animals (circa 5000 B.C.). During antiquity the Region traded in gold, ivory, myrrh, etc. with Pharaonic Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia.
Good examples of Pre-historic sites are at Awash Melka Kunture, Gedamot, Cherora Appiticus  Harala, and Laga Oda of Diredawa. Awash Malka Kunture is especially worth visiting for the outstanding features of the sites.