At Ginchi town, a gravel road of only 7 kilometers branches out to the right leading to Chilimogaji forest, one of the natural patch forests in West Shawa. Occupying an area of 11000 hectares of land, the forest is predominantly covered with natural tree species such as podocarpus gracilio and juniper trees some of which are estimated to be over 400 years. The nursery site run by Farm African Project and the cottage currently in use for office of the project are situated on the open valley between slices of the forest. The cottage was first built by the Queen Itege Menen as "guest house in the forest resort" for the entertainment of the royal families.

Another amazing site of the forest is the huge mysterious trees which served as the guardian outpost during the Italian occupation to observe potential enemies from distance. The metal ladder, which was used by that time to lean against the tree, still stands, and the trees are unaffected. Chilimo Forest is an ideal site for forest exploring, scenery admiring, camping, etc.

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