As one approaches the town of Dodola, the first sight of Bale Mountain chain comes to this view. Overlooking the low-lying towns of Adaba and Dodola, this mountain chain can be mentioned as a good reason for why trekking is one of the main purposes for visiting the Bale Mountains.

Being implemented by IFMP and supported by GTZ, trekking in the hills of Adaba and Dodola is probably the best organized Community-Based Eco-Tourism site in Ethiopia. It is inexpensive, but an excellent target for trekkers and hikers. It was established specifically to provide alternative source of income for the people living in the locality, so that they are less dependent on forest products for their livelihoods.

The local people, especially those who dwell in the forest, were organized in different service providing groups such as hut keepers (accommodation, food and beverage service), horse renters and tour guides to participate in tourist serving activities. In this forest area, there is a series of five mountain huts joined by trails so that one can spend from one to five nights. The huts are simple, but fairly equipped with beds, kitchenware’s, water filters, stoves and lanterns etc.

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