Suba Forest with undulating and impressive landscape, hills and escarpments separated by deep valleys, is located at about 45km via Sabata town and 71 kn via Holata town from Finfinne (Addis Ababa)  in the Wechecha Mountain range.

Suba, the oldest protected area established as state forest, has total area of the forest  about 2500 hectares whose composition represents natural forests that once existed in the highlands of Ethiopia. The forest vegetation varies from high forests to afro alpine vegetation within the altitude range of about 2200 to above 3385 m.a.s.l

Visitors can have a chance of visiting most prominent sightseeing such as trees over 500 years old, the first sawmill  early in the 20th century and also the first modern nursery established in 1949, the beauty of mount Damocha and Mogli at an altitude of over 3,385 m.a.s.l. Besides, it is the best destination of a pleasing clean air, wher to watch the scenic beauty of the capital city. It is also home to more than a half of the Highland Biome assemblage bird species including endemics such as Yello-fronted Parrot, Abyssinian Woodpecker and Abyssinian Catbird.

The majestic beauty of Mogli peak and surrounding scenery would all together made the Subba Forest area an ideal place for nature lovers, such as hikers, trekkers and sight seers, forest explorers, scenery admirers, etc.

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