The capital of West Wallagga Zone, Gimbi, is only at the distance of 110 kilometers to the west from Naqamte. Just at the distance of few kilometers to the west of Gimbi, the road forks into two. The road to the right leads to Asosa via many towns, the capital of Benishangul Gumuz Peoples Regional State which is located at the distance of 762 kilometers from Addis Ababa. The road to the left, leads to Dambidollo, passing through the Walal Shabal Conservation area.

The western tourism route of Oromia leads further to far western districts of Kellem Wallaga where the Garjeda Forest is found. Garjeda Forest covers an area of 11,374kilometers2 where one can enjoy watching thick and untouched natural forest. Walal Shabal, which is another conservation area close to the Garjeda Forest, is known for its significant wildlife like lion, buffalo, wild pigs, antelope species, Colobus monkeys, and with its unique landscape scenery of the peaks of Tullu Walal (3335mas).

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