Yayo forest located between Ilu Abbabor and Bunno Bedelle zone at a distance of 564km from Finfinne covering 1,633,156.6 hectares which is the largest greenery forest in Ethiopia. Holding the 1st rank by its area within our country, this huge jungle is recognized as a world Biosphere reserve for its best prospect of biodiversity. Due to high annual rainfall, Jimma and Ilu Abbabora zones are rich in river falls and tropical forest vegetation which place these zone amongst of the most resourceful areas in Oromia.

The location of the forest lies between 8o21’- 8o26’ N and 35o 41’ – 36o 03’ E along the rivers Gabba and Dogi. Yayo (Gabba– Dogi) forest represents the largest (10,000 ha) undisturbed forest fragment kept for the conservation of wild coffee Arabica.

Tographically, deep river valley (dissected by Gabba and Dogi rivers) gorges, escarpments, ridges, rolling scenery and hills characterizes the area.

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