This palm spring is located about 252km East  of Finfinne in the Awash National Park.  To the e North of the park's head quarters there is an oasis of a moderate chloride (175 - 179pm) high bicarbonate thermal springs of high flow with about 42oc temperature in a green valley covered by scattered palm trees.

 This natural spring, which creates its own natural pools in this tropical oasis, is one of the most pleasant spots for tourists' relaxation in Ethiopia.  The mineral water is clear and colorless and contains high sodium bicarbonate and moderate chloride (muriatic) waters.

Additional Spa Potential’s

According to our zonal culture and Tourism Office’s report and study there are a number of hot springs and curative spas of great potential so far identified in different localities like.

-  Saamallo and Qarsa    - Hot spring in Borena zone.
-  Ketketo - Geothermal - In East Wallaga zone.
-  Qeecho - Hot spring   - In Jimma zone.

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