It is located at 215km to South of Finfinne.  Shala Thermal Springs is one of the less developed hot springs in Oromia. Below the open camping site on the Eastern shore of Lake Shala, boiling springs of a cloud vapor flow down to the lake. The spring waters warm the lake water around the lake shore making the area a beautiful spot for sightseeing.  The clear water of the springs has a temperature ranging from 53oc - 96oc, while most of them appear boiling with bubbles of water domes. The springs contain minerals like Chlorine, Fluorine, Sodium, Silicate, Sulfates, etc., and all of them contain alkaline content.


Lake Shala contains the highest chloride and carbonate contents. The springs can cure people from locomotors apparatus diseases, rheumatism of muscles, joints, polyarthritis, disorder of muscles and tendons. In addition to this, the waters assist accident recovery and operate on the locomotive system, respiratory tract, digestive tract, chronic catarrh of stomach, liver diabetes, skin diseases, etc. Shala spa resorts can be primarily used by international and national spa guests who stay up to three weeks for treatment.

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