At 127km South East of Finfinne or 27km South of Adama, Sodaré is located on the left bank of Awash River at an altitude of 1600m above sea level. It is the most developed and popular weekend thermal resort and recreation centre in Ethiopia. It flows as a stream in to the Awash River with big hot springs that occur in three places.

The water of the springs has a clear appearance, undetectable smell, steam separation and a varying temperature from 42oc-62oc.  The principal mineral constituents in Sodaré are Sodium (Na) and carbonates whereas Chloride and sulfates (SO4) are moderate.

There is also a low chlorine (chloride or muriatic) content. Due to the high concentration of Sodium and bicarbonate in the springs compared to other constituents., the hot springs in Sodaré have bicarbonate water. 

Hence the water can also be used for washing, cooking, laundering and heating, it is recommended for the treatment of rheumatism, skin diseases, respiratory tract, diseases of locomotion system, eruption, digestive tract, disorders of muscles and  tendons, chronic catarrh of stomach, eczema, cardiovascular diseases, blood circulatory system, hypertension of blood and arteriosclerosis. Moreover, Sodaré has easy and comfortable access, agreeable surroundings with a nice natural valley, river, hill, clear air and quiet places for relaxation. 

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