Most of the lakes of the country lie in Oromia. There are around 19 natural lakes and four man made dams in Oromia. That range in size from few square km to 1,573 and in depth from 4 to 266 meters. These beautiful and attractive lakes of the region have high touristic value. The lakes are endowed with diverse natural attractions such as different types of fishes, scenic beauty, breathtaking landscapes, vegetations, forests, wild animals, birds of different species. Some of these birds are migratory birds.

Lists of the Lakes

No Name of Tourist Attractions
1   Lake Hora Harsadé:
2   Lake Bishoftu
3   Lake Babbogayya
4   Lake Kurriftu
5   Lake Kilole
6   Lake Magarisa
7   Lake Wanchi
8   Lake Dandi
9   Lake Chukala
10  Lake Dambal
11  Lake Langano
12  Lake Abijata
13  Lake Shala
14  Lake Chitu
15  Lake Calalaka
16  Lake Abaya
17  Lake Hawasa
18  Lake Beseka:
19  Finchawa Dam
20 Gilgal Gibe Dam
21  Gafarsa Dam