1. Lake Dambel, one of the Central Rift Valley lakes, is 160 kilometers from Addis Ababa. Having an area of 434 square kilometers, it is the largest of the middle Rift Valley cluster lakes and the shallowest with about 4m depths at its many parts.

    The shores of the lake are marshy, shaded by sycamores and reeds that provide a feeding ground for aquatic birds. Some of the water birds, which frequent the lake, are cormorants, darts, herons, great white pelicans and marabou storks and others. At the northern part of the lake, there is a wide bay with marshy coasts and swamp vegetation. The lake is doted by several islands  namely Tullu Gudo, Tullu Simbiro, Galila, Debresina, Dadacha and Bochesa of which   Tullu Gudo has historical monastery of Debre-Tsiyon Mariam and Zaye ethnic group,Tullu Gudo is the main and popular island of which is accessible by boat both from eastern and western shores. Apart from aquatic birds, the lake harbors a large quantity of fish and amphibians such as hippo and others. This hot weathered tourist popular destination is an ideal place for fishing, boating, bird watching, water transportation and touring monasteries.  Batu (Ziway) town is the closest lake side town that offers tourist with accommodations and national dishes.

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