1. Bale Mountains National Park
  • Located at about the distance of 400 Km from Finfinne. The park is stretched over an area of 2200 Km at an altitude that ranges  from 1500m to 4377m above sea level being the largest Afro-alpine habitat park in Africa.
  • In this park viewing about 46 mammals, more than 200 bird species, and vegetation of un spoilt wonder land including various tree species and precious endemic mammals like red fox, mountain Nyala and Borofa(Bush buck).
  • The three (3) main divisions of the park include:-
  1. The northern area, Dinsho and Gassay plain
  2. The central alpine part- sanate
  3. The southern forest area Haranna

       1. Dinsho

  • Dinsho area is the perfect site for viewing Mt Nyala, Borofa(Bush buck) Etc.
  • Tourist can visit the headquarters and the museum of the park at Dinsho Park getting lodge services and relevant pieces of information about the park.

       2. Sanate

- Sanate – nick named as “The Island in the Air” is the high plateau over 4000m on top.

- It is the second highest peak in Ethiopia next to Ras-Dashen. Tullu-Dimtu whose peak is 4377m above sea level is part of this area. In this area endemic Red fox, Rare birds and giant mole rat are among the top tourist attractions.

       3. Haranna Forest

-  The southern Haranna area is area of lower attitude covered with dense moist tropic forest, forest hog, spotted hyena, lion, leopard, colobus, monkey etc are in the Harana forest area.

-  The beautiful rain bow and trout fish stocked in the Park Rivers with fry from Kenya in 1960 may give tourist a fishing opportunity.

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