Dindin Forest- At the distance of 18 kms on the gravel road from Galamso town you find one of the untouched forestlands known as Dindin. Dindin forest is one of the remnants of the natural forests in the country, marking the largest forest in the Eastern part of the country.  This dense forest covers an area of 12,207 hectares hosting wildlife like the endemic mountain nyala, bushbuck, cheetah and others. This forest reserve is one of the best research centers in the country for biodiversity and ecosystem. It is, thus, one of the controlled hunting areas in the country. It is also an ideal site also ideal for camping, trekking, sightseeing and photo and wildlife safari.

Jalo-Qunni Mukhtar Forests: Touristic ally, West and East Hararge zones are known for their un- paralleled scenic landscape. The scenery begins at Chiro, the capital of West Hararge Zone, and is magnified by the fantastically situated mountains of Jalo Mukhtar, Quni Mukhtar and others that encircle Chiro (Asebe Teferi) town. This scenic beauty extends to East Hararge where attractive massifs and peaks are observed throughout the route to Dangago ridge.


Jallo Qunni Mukhtar mountains are known for their physical beauty, vegetation and wildlife habitats; they are currently preserved as sanctuaries of mountain Nyala. This forest area of 9320 hectares offers visitors good opportunities for trekking, nature and wildlife sightseeing, and forest exploration.

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