The Oromia Regional State built the “Anole” Oromo martyrs’ Memorial Monument from its own budget in the Arsi zone. It is also designed to reflect the resistance against the Menelek warriors by Arsi Oromos which is memorized in history as 'Harmaaf harka muraa Anolee' (the mutilation of  hand and breast at Anole). The Oromia regional state built this Oromo martyrs’ Memorial Monument in order to recognize the history of the Oromo people’s struggle for its dignity, Culture,  & Language. This Memorial Monument was built in order that the tourist can understand the history of the Oromo people that Menelek’s warriors murdered by showing the Oromo men’s right hand and women’s right breast which were cut off by them. This Oromo martyrs’ Memorial Monument contains the Oromo martyrs’ Memorial Monument, a Museum where the culture & history of the Oromo peoples are shown, the gravestone of the murdered hand and breast etc.

Mainly this memorial monument was built in order to inform future generations of this inhumane  episode from history and it should serve becoming as a research center of Oromo history and culture as well as a desirable tourist destination.

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