Oromia Regional State is blessed with an abundance of natural assets of high touristic value. It is a land of astonishing natural beauty offering all sort of landscapes scenery ranging from semi desert steppe to afro-alpine highlands soaring as high as 4377m above sea level. Its scenery and natural beauty is ascribable to mountain massif terrains, peaks, river gorges and valleys, natural moist tropical forests, magnificent waterfalls and various water bodies, etc.

The prominent sites in Oromia with magnificent view are:-

Name of Tourist Attractions

       Mountain Peaks,
1   Yarar Mountain and its Monuments:
2   Arsi Mountain
3   Dodola – Adaba Forest Dewllers:
4   Fantalle Mountain
5   Asabot Mountain
6   Jallo-Qunni Mukhtar and Dindin Forests
8   Mountain Qundudo
9   Debre Libanos area
B.   River and Gorges ( valleys)
10  Blue Nile river
11  Gibe Gorge
12  Wabe Gorge and Wabe River
13  Dhedhessa valley and Dhedhessa River
14  Mugar Valley