This is also the  Oromo heroes’ Memorial Monument that has been built by the Oromia Regional State which completed in 2007 E.C. It’s design is based on research undertaken by oromo professionals and reflects the resistance to Menelik’s armed force by Hararge Oromos in 1885 which is memorized in history as “Cali Calanqo”.  The Oromia regional state built this Oromo heroes’ Memorial Monument from its own budget in order not to forget the history of the Oromo peoples struggle for its dignity, Culture, & Language. This Memorial Monument is built at an easily accessible location in a way that allows the tourist to understand the history of this episode. This Oromo heroes’ Memorial Monument contains the big building of Chalanko heroes, a Museum where the culture & history of the Oromo peoples is shown, the gravestone of Baker Ware on its horse, etc.

Mainly this memorial monument was built for the sake of avoiding a recurrence of the inhumanity of Menelik’s warriors in order that that the new generation should learn from history as well as becoming a research center of Oromo history and culture and a desirable tourist destination.






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