1. Babile Rock Column and Stone Piles

Babile rock Column and Stone pile is a unique site where visitors are fascinated by nature’s arrangement of the rocks. These are found in a place called Dakkata, 5km away from Babbile and at about 40km from Hora. The Dakkata valley is also good attraction for sightseers, nature lovers and adventurers.

  1. Bantu Rock Column

The Bantu rock column is found in south west shewa zone, in Borne, within tole district in Harmwfu Sole. These man shaped rock remain are said by local people of the area to be rock remain to which the horse of the Great Imam Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim Alghazi (Grany Mahammed) is tied but to find the truth of these megalithic site further excavation and investigation should be made.

  1. Dhagaa Marsaa (marsa Stone)

The ball- shaped rock standing with its pointed tip on the flat surface of another rock without any support is located at the distance of about 5km from the Negelle town. Natural collections of rock clustered at one place with various sizes and shapes are found in these area.

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