Awash (Gotu) waterfall is located in the course of Awash Park marking the Southern border of the Awash Park. The waterfall site is at the starting point of its deep and long gorges. The Awash (Gotu) waterfall is characterized by a very broad chasm of over 100m wide and 50m deep into which the river water falls.

The beauty of the waterfall and the attractive views of surrounding vegetation are quite fascinating.  The  Awash River feature has a lot of spirited rapids, impressive rugged cliffs, side canyons and wildlife. Awash waterfalls start from the foaming pool below the rapids and flow one after another with sharp drops, narrow channels, and fast current. Currently an eco lodge at the Gotu site provides lodgings for wildlife and waterfall scenery viewers. Being one of the country's most important waterfall; the Awash falls are recommended as a destination of sightseeing for visitors.

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