The road from Jimma to Mattu, via Aggaro and Baddalle towns, leads through Yayo biosphere forest and other vast and extensive tropical forests to   Mattu, the capital of Ilu Abba Bora zone. Matu is situated at 255 kilometers from Jimma, or 600 kilometers from Addis Ababa. A detour to the left  at the southern edge of Mattu- Gore road  leads visitors to Sor waterfall at the distance of 27 kilometers from Mattu. Quarter an hour down walk through the forest and coffee plantation on a narrow path takes visitors to one of Ethiopia’s most magnificent and delightful waterfalls of Sor River which pours over the lip of a broad chasm over 20 meters deep.

This natural amphitheater, heavily overgrown with tree ferns and grasses, forms a delightful spot to savor the primal atmosphere of Ilu Abba Bora Zone and the scenic beauty of the waterfall. The intact natural vegetation and the wildlife that take shelter in it enhance its attraction for sightseeing.

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